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Samsung W200 is a waterproof pocket camera that is also a camcorder that can resist to dust and shocks. If you drop it from two meters it will survive. It can resist emerging into water up to 10 feet(three meters) that means you will not be able to dive deep with it. You will love the capabilities of the W200 to emerge into water!

You can emerge with this camera to an depth of 10ft underwater and you can use it in dusty conditions. Is really not a still camera. It’s a digital Camcorder. You can frame your shots. The screen is a 2.3 inch screen.

You can shoot videos in two different resolutions 1024p and 720p at 30fps. This camera can shoot still images at 5.5 megapixels. The camera uses a micro-SD card. You can find them as radio shack. Images are kept on a Micro-SD card (not included) that are somewhat less out there than commonplace are format cards.

Nonetheless, you’ll notice these at any WalMart or Radio Shack. We tend to tested employing a 16gb Micro-SD and had many house. At full resolution, you’ll store concerning eight minutes of video per GB. you’ll mount it on a stand. it’s a pop-up USB.( this suggests you may not have to be compelled to take the cable with you).

The W200 features a lockable, spring loaded door protective the memory card slot and mini HDMI port, and another containing the flip-out USB plug. The protection mechanisms aren’t “double” locks like some waterproof cameras provide, therefore it’s possible that a door might accidentally open underwater. If that were to happen, well, it’d not be a decent issue.

The doors ar lined with rubber seals to stay wet out. one in all our favorite options of the W200 is that the flip-out USB connection that permits you to attach the camera on to your computer’s USB port. Kodak models have a mini USB port which needs that you simply carry a cable once you jaunt connect their Play Sport models.

This camera has a rubber waterproof case, but the battery and card lock is not a double lock one like you can find at a lot of other competing cameras. So, there is a potential you can accidentally open these doors underwater and that would cost permanent damage to the electronic components of the camera.

When it comes to performance we used this camcorder at the beach and we did test it underwater at 2 to 3 feet of water, seemed to work fine, the quality was good underwater, the video quality, the digital zoom is a little jerky, it does allow you to zoom in and out while you shoot the video, but you probably don’t wanna do it, because it gives you poor results.

Even if its a digital zoom, when you zoom in, you’ll get a lot grainy image and not a good quality as you will in wide angle.
Another awesome feature is that it allows you to switch from the video to photo mode with a button right on the camera and that’s much easier than going through the menus.

The wheel button has four functions. The left one, it turns on and off the display information on the screen, but really I don’t know how useful it is. If you press it on the right side it switches on and off the under water filter and the up and down buttons will set the telephoto zoom and the wide-angle settings.

The big red button in the middle is what you need to press to start recording, or to take a picture or to put the camera back into the pause.
The menu system is pretty good laid out, its pretty extensive and there are quite a few settings that you can make on the camera.

But the one thing you cannot do with this camera is to set it to a manual shooting mode. Almost all functions on this camera are automated. The camera has built-in scene modes that selects automatically so basic it runs in a full automatically mode.

I think as for the price ( at least two hundred) I know certainly that this camera is as good as you’re gonna find in this category and maybe better in a lot of aspects, like the reason that you can pop-out the USB connector and that puts this camera in the top of my list for these type of cameras.

The Samsung W200 has it everywhere the competition once it involves specifications for a water-resistant pocket camcorder. even supposing it lacks some options, it offers good performance in low light conditions and sensible performance in normal light.

In our opinion, it’s pretty much as good or higher than the other competition we’ve got tested, and also the integral, pop-out USB connector alone offers it a convenience edge over the Kodak models.

Do not think about the W200 as a replacement for your existing camera or camcorder, think about it as a low-priced addition that’s purposeful for wet or dust-covered conditions. I prefer to hold a camera around my neck once riding my bike and also the W200 would take away any worries concerning riding through a West Texas duster or rain.

Samsung W200 – Outdoor Pocket Camcorder – Rafting Extreme Test 2011

Rating One: 5.5 out of 5 Stars
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